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Many car owners have probably heard the term certified collision repair, but may not know exactly what it means. When searching for a collision center in Beaverton, OR, you should try to understand why the term certified collision repair should matter to you. Although it may seem like a simple certification that the technicians at Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center have earned, it makes all the difference in terms of value, safety, and function of your vehicle.

What is the meaning of certified collision repair?

Certified collision repair means that the technicians at Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center are trained by manufacturers to make repairs. The training that our technicians go through makes all the difference if you need collision repair in Beaverton, OR and surrounding counties. It also means that Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center puts significant emphasis on quality.

We have invested in the best vehicle repair equipment in our collision center at Beaverton, OR. In addition, we keep close ties with manufacturers to understand the significance of specific tools and methods. Our certified collision repair technicians and state-of-the-art equipment ensures quality all the time.

Why does a certified collision repair certificate matter?

We understand that car owners want their vehicles to be repaired the right way so that they can function correctly. The fact that our technicians are certified and have the equipment they need to do their jobs means that we make quality repairs.

When you come to our collision center, we consider many details before making repairs. Our focus is mainly on the parts that need repair and the technology required to make the repairs. We do all these to maximize function and safety. We understand that it is the small details that matter, which is why we follow the manufacturer’s instructions when making repairs.

Does insurance cover OEM parts?

Never assume that your body shop will use OEM parts especially if you filing an insurance claim. Many people prefer OEM parts than aftermarket parts because they are genuine and fit much better. Unfortunately, a good number of vehicle insurance policies only cover aftermarket parts.

If you want OEM parts, be sure to request the components in advance. Consider working with an insurance company that covers OEM parts. When looking for an insurance company, ask the agent if they cover OEM parts because some insurance carriers do not offer them altogether.

Some insurance companies offer cover for OEM parts but not for standard policies. Therefore, you have to request the coverage, which may involve paying additional fees. However, it is essential to know that OEM parts may be easier to get for new cars but not old ones.

When you call Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center for collision repair services in Beaverton, OR, we will make sure that you get your car back in its original condition. Our technicians are equipped to handle all kinds of collision repair. Reach out to us today for auto repair solutions.

Collision Center Beaverton OR
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