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Chilliwack Auto Body Shop

Auto Body Repairs

Accidents can happen with even the most careful drivers. They can be difficult to move on from, especially if there are severe damages to your vehicle. Learn More →

Chilliwack Auto Body Painting

Auto Body Painting

The paint job of any car is its first impression. It’s the first thing that caught your eye at the dealership, and it will also receive a visual inspection every time you approach. Learn More →

Computerized Frame Measuring

A frame is an essential part of any vehicle. It is, in the most fundamental way, your vehicle’s backbone. That means if it’s bent or damaged, it can also cause unseen damages throughout your vehicle over time. Learn More →

Auto Body Repair Chilliwack

Frame Straightening

A twisted frame can cause unseen damages throughout your vehicle over time. Even if the dimensions are off in the smallest amount. Learn More →

Auto Parts Replacement

Do you need an auto part replaced? Tired, old factory parts starting to keep your vehicle from performing efficiently and at optimal capacity? Doc’s Auto Body can help. Learn More →