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Accidents can happen with even the most careful drivers. They can be difficult to move on from, especially if there are severe damages to your vehicle. Suddenly minute daily routines like getting to and from work, taking the kids to school, and picking up coffee cream can become dauntingly time consuming. A vehicle is a means to making the world your oyster, and you shouldn’t be limited because of a collision. We can help you get your freedom back.

We’ve all experienced the disappointment in finding a new dent or ding; those are not too difficult to fix. Larger, structural damages like gouges and tears require more attention, and quality equipment. We ensure you’re outfitted with a courtesy car, so that you’re not tied down while your car is being repaired.

As an ICBC c.a.r. shop VALET facility – we are part of the ICBC-accredited auto body shop program – which means you will get convenience, safe, quality auto body repair and peace of mind from Doc’s Auto Body.

Because we are ICBC accredited, we can look after any collision body damage and ICBC auto claim you have, and guarantee our work exceeds your expectations. When you receive your vehicle back from us at the end of the repair, you will be hard pressed to find a hint of the damages. No odd wave in the body, or slightly off-coloured paint job, we ensure our work will make your car brand new. Our detail technicians are meticulous and passionate about making a car look great. Body repairs, dents, paint damage, and other external repairs will be fixed and your car will look new again. It will be like you just drove it out of the factory.

Our expertly trained technicians can repair your dents, dings, and accidental damage to get you back on the road again. As we are ICBC accredited, we not only can take care of your ICBC claim, but we must ensure our staff is continually trained; our equipment is constantly quality assessed; and our technology is always new. We guarantee our auto body repair work for as long as you own your vehicle.