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Frame Straightening Chilliwack

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A twisted frame can cause unseen damages throughout your vehicle over time. Even if the dimensions are off in the smallest amount. That’s why at Doc’s Auto Body, we ensure our technicians are armed with the best and latest technology to accurately pinpoint issues with your frame.

Here at Doc’s Auto Body, we utilize the newest technology available to help us diagnose and repair any auto damages. A great example of this is our computerized frame measuring system. This is a device that uses three advanced technologies such as computers, lasers, and high speed electronics. A computerized frame measuring system helps our technicians by accurately measuring and repairing frame damage on a vehicle by using constantly updated software and factory frame dimensions.

If your car’s frame is twisted in an accident, you won’t have to worry about writing off the vehicle or having other problems occur down the line due to inaccurate frame repair. Our technicians are trained to assess and repair damaged frames, and with the aid of this frame measuring system, they can do it accurately and efficiently.

Since we are ICBC accredited, any vehicle that comes to us through an auto claim can be repaired. We ensure our staff is continually trained; our equipment is constantly quality assessed; and our technology is always new. This ensures the highest quality auto repairs, and makes us confident in our work. An ICBC claim doesn’t need to be stressful or expensive, Doc’s Auto Body can walk you through our process; no car jargon, and no gouging repair quotes. We understand vehicle damages can be inconvenient and expensive, but they don’t have to be. We will also loan you a vehicle, so that you don’t have to plan your life around an auto repair.

We guarantee our auto repairs for as long as you own your vehicle.